My 8 year old beagle Jenna has been having really bad arthritis this past year. We have tried so many supplements and things recommended by her vet and the only thing that was helping was prescription pain meds from the vet. We started her on your cbd oil. Within a few weeks she went from limping all the time and not being able to get up stairs or jump up on the couch to running around like her normal self again and is pain free almost every day. I just wanted to share how much your oil has helped her. I will definitely recommend your oil!

Ashley B.

West Point, Virginia

After having back surgery I was in a lot of pain. I heard about CBD oil and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. After talking with Ben he gave me a recommendation on what I should use. I purchased a bottle and was extremely happy with the results. So much so I purchased another bottle. It is a good alternative to the addictive prescription drugs. I also want to thank Ben for rushing delivery on my second bottle. Great customer service!

Marty S.

North Carolina

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